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At Burton-Sage Photography & Video, we know weddings well. We know about all of the love involved in courtship and getting married. We know about all of the excitement that goes into the planning of your wedding day. We also know about all of the anxiety that naturally happens. Planning a wedding can be stressful. That's why at Burton-Sage, "We're In Your Corner!” We know how our clients feel and we're there to help by understanding and appreciating the client's side of the negotiating table. We pride ourselves in providing value to our customers. We guarantee, in writing, that you will receive your product within 30 days- usually sooner! Hope to hear from you! Remember- "We're In Your Corner!”







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Would you like your wedding photos completed and delivered in (pick one): Never, 2 Years, 1 Year or 30 Days? With many Photography and Video Companies, we're sorry to say, you may never get your product. Or it might take up to 2 years! Not with Burton-Sage Wedding Photography & Video. You're guaranteed in writing that you'll receive your beautifully produced Wedding Photos within 30 days!

Why settle for anything less than the best? Choose Burton-Sage Syracuse Wedding Photography & Video.
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