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Why do all of the hard work of putting together a school play or musical and not have stellar photographs and a professionally produced DVD to show yourself, your students and your families just what a beautiful job everyone did! You can enjoy the photos and DVD for generations to come! And when you use "Burton-Sage Photography & Video", besides looking great, you might actually be able to make a huge profit on your event (please contact us for complete details)! We use only the most professional equipment (multiple high-def cameras to give you different angles and viewpoints from scene to scene + multiple professional microphones to pick up every nuance). And when we put all of the audio and video together to produce your DVD, we have our very own, state-of-the-art studio to do it in- Click Here To See! We use only the most modern digital cameras for all of our still photography with lots of sets to choose from. All of our DVD's come with full interactive menus and chapter markers- just like the pros do!

You owe it to yourself to at least make an appointment with us to see what a great opportunity this can be!


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For the best in Syracuse School Musicals DVD Production