The Dance Studio- Manlius Rocks!
Parents are NOT ALLOWED in the photo room- students only (exception only for toddlers). The web photo galleries are username and password protected for privacy. Please check with Linda Bell for usernames and passwords! You will need to have Adobe Acrobat on your computer to fill out the forms online. If your computer doesn't have Acrobat, you can download it for free. To contact us, click the "contact us" button. We only communicate via secure email- phone calls will not be returned.


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If you want your child photographed as an individual shot, you must purchase a sitting fee coupon at the photo shoot. This $15 coupon is a "sitting fee" but it also entitles you to a $20 credit towards your order- if you order! Think of it as a $5 gift from me! If you choose not to order your prints, your "sitting fee" will not be refunded! *It is up to the parent or guardian to make sure your child knows to tell photographer if they are to take individual photos! (We do hand out pre pay tickets to the child to give to the photographer letting photographer know to take their individual shots but sometimes the child will lose their tickets)

PLEASE READ YOUR PHOTO ORDERING TUTORIAL BEFORE TYPING OUT YOUR PHOTO ORDER FORM! Any questions? We communicate via secure email only- phone calls will not be returned.
*Some browsers may not allow you to type your forms on your computer. In that event, PRINT out form VERY NEATLY! We need to be able to easily and exactly read your order form!

*Disclaimer -Burton-Sage strives for the highest quality standards, but please keep in mind that this is not a custom individual photo shoot and is priced accordingly.
All prints are checked for reasonable great quality before mailing-BUT-we are not responsible for customers putting in the wrong ID numbers on their order forms. We can only assume that what you ordered is what you want. Double check your order!

When you order your prints, you must type it out online (while it's still on your computer) and then print it out when completed. You must mail in your completed, printed out form(s) with your check to Burton-Sage. (Do Not Email Your Completed Order Form To Burton-Sage! You Must Mail It In With Your Check!) You must repeat this process for each costume change and sitting fee you purchased! Mail all order forms in 1 envelope for your convenience.

Ordering Deadline is May 25th, 2021

Past The Deadline of May 25th, 2021

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Directions for web viewing and mail ordering:

-Scroll through the web gallery and locate your image(s). The thumbnails will not have an index number on them. Click on the thumbnail to get a larger view and now the index number will appear right above the photo. That's the number you'll need for your order. Write down the COMPLETE number!

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